Encaustic Cement Tiles are a classic, colourful and durable covering for floors and walls. These ancient form of tiles are available in patterns and colours to coordinate with any type of decor. Each tile is handmade to order in the same way they have been crafted since the late 1700’s. These skills have been passed on from generation to generation.

An original press & grid

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Encaustic cement tiles?

Encaustic cement tiles are hand-made, aesthetic tiles with coloured patterns used for floor and wall coverings.

Are Encaustic cement tiles friendly to environment?

Encaustic cement tiles are considered “green” products. They are manufactured from natural materials (cement, sand, stone powder, pigment) using a pressing process. No heat, fuel or clay is used resulting in agricultural land being spared.

Are the patterns on Encaustic cement tiles painted?

No, the patterns are not painted. Liquid coloured materials are hand-poured into a mould with divisions to create the patterns. The patterns form a 2mm layer, therefore the patterns will last for a lifetime. There are old buildings in which encaustic cement tiled floors have been in place for more than 100 years and retain their beauty.

How many colours are available?

There is a standard range of 75 colours to choose from. You can specify the colours you need by using our colour codes. Any other colours can be customized at an additional cost.

Can you make customised designs?

Yes, making customised designs is one of our advantages. At a small cost, you can have your own design .Our factory makes many customized tiles with patterns ranging from simple to extremely complicate.

Where can I use Encaustic cement tiles? Can I use tiles outdoors? Do I need to seal the floor tiles?

Encaustic cement tiles can be used for various types of residential or commercial applications, such as floors, walls, stairs, facades … Thanks to its durability and aesthetic appearance, encaustic cement tiles can be used almost anywhere. They are usually used in   homes, offices, old buildings, high-grade resorts, restaurants, cafes, churches and mosques.

When being laid out-side, a sealant should be used to protect the tiles from water and stains. 

We suggest they are sealed twice when used outdoors.

A penetrating sealant that contains UV protection. Helps to preserve the colours of the tiles from fading when exposed to sunlight. 

Can your Encaustic cement tiles be used in freezing weather?  

Yes. Our cement tiles can be used in freezing weather. Encaustic cement tiles have been used in many cold countries such as Sweden, Norway. However, we do not recommend our customers use our tiles outdoors in very cold places.

Can your Encaustic cement tiles be used in the kitchen?

Yes. Encaustic cement tiles can be used on the floor or as splash backs in the kitchen but they need to be sealed to avoid absorption of any grease splatter. We recommend that you use a penetrating sealant first and then an acrylic sealant to get a thin film on the surface of the tiles. By doing so, tiles can be cleaned with regular soap and water. Your tiler will advise on sealants.

Can your Encaustic cement tiles be used with heating systems?

Yes. Our cement tiles can be used with an under floor heating system as they conduct heat and can be installed as any other tile.

Can your cement tiles be installed in bathrooms or places where there is water?

Yes. Our cement tiles can be installed in bathrooms and showers, on floors and on walls. Please note that in these cases, cement tiles and grout will need to be sealed to make them 100% waterproof.

Will soda, wine or acids stain the floor?

If it is correctly sealed, it will not absorb stains.

Where should I not use cement tile?

It is not advisable to use Encaustic cement tiles in driveways inside a fireplace or any outdoor freezing conditions.

How do I maintain my hand made cement tiles?

The tiles should be cleaned with pH-neutral soap and water. Do not use any acids or bleach on these tiles! If sealed with a topical sealer, we recommend they be resealed every couple of years.

Can the tiles be used on the floor?

The tiles can be used as accents between other floor tiles or as borders.

Can the tiles be used around a fireplace?

Any tile can be used on the face of a fireplace. Placing the tiles directly inside a fireplace is not recommended.

​Can the Tiles be used outdoors?

Yes, but not in freezing temperatures, or in areas of extreme weather changes.

In what sizes are the Tiles available?

5cm X 5cm
10cm X 10cm
15cm X 15cm